Keep Our NHS Public

March from Jarrow to Parliament Square

London, 16 August – 6 September

Probably you have heard of this fantastic initiative, started by a group of mothers in Darlington (also known as the Darlo Mums). It is to recreate the historic Jarrow March of the great Depression – this time in order to save the NHS from the damage being done to it by the current government through privatisation and cuts. It is a fantastic expression of collective solidarity and support for the institution which cares for us when we most need it.


Help on the route

The organisers are doing a fantastic job but can always use a helping hand. The route is pretty much North-South between Jarrow in the North East and London, so you may live too far away to offer practical help, but if you are closer to the route there are all sorts of ways that you can help.

Please go to the website for the links to follow the route in detail. Each of the 23 towns where the march stops overnight has its own contact person (linked on the website) and they should be your point of contact if you are offering help, whether it is food, shelter, first aid, stewarding, local publicity or anything else. This is a fantastic campaigning opportunity and news will reach millions of people. Do your best to connect and get the message across that we need to Keep Our NHS Public.

Arriving in London

The last stage of the March is from Edmonton (on the northern outskirts of London) to Parliament Square in Westminster, a distance of 11 miles. The March leaves Edmonton Fore Street at 10:00am and is expected outside Parliament at 4:00pm. You are welcome to march from Edmonton if you want to, but the organisers are encouraging people to join the March at the Unite Building at 128 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8TN, near Holborn Underground station. The big KONP balloon will be carried from there. The March will move off from there at about 2:30pm and should reach Parliament Square at about 4:00pm.

The reason for asking most people to join at that point is that from then on there will be road closures and stewards. Before that the March will be on the pavement.

In Parliament Square, there will be a rally with speakers and performers to celebrate this great achievement.

Support the marchers

Do your best to support them by turning out to walk with them when you can, attending one of the many rallies that are due to take place at the overnight stops (see details by clicking the relevant button on, make a lot of noise in local and national broadcast media, and leaflet so that as many members of the public as possible get to know about this brave attempt to remind us all how important it is to keep the NHS public.

via Keep Our NHS Public.

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